sandals Geco

Onda Verde leather sandal.
It is our bestseller!
The Jewel is built thanks to the manual skill of the greatest master craftsmen of Valenzana school, the world capital of the goldsmith's art.
The gecko, hand enamelled, is placed only on the left shoe in order not to weigh down the look and give a precious and elegant touch.
Soft Tuscan leathers.
Footwear produced manually by the best shoemakers of Vigevano (considered the world capital of the shoe).

UPPER: onda leather

LINING: kidskin

SOLE: beige pumiced Tuscan leather

HEEL: 1 cm golden galvanized

FOAM: memory 3 mm

JEWEL: ormolu (galvanized gold), Swarovski stone embedded by hand, enameled by hand